Knowledge Pie Experiments

Language & Knowledge Equity on the Wikipedias

This is NOT a research or report. These are just my notes as I work through some questions. Feel free to let me know if there is something I should look at, or if I have missed anything.

These experiments have two main objectives. One, is to find different ways to categorize and break-up the knowledge on Wikipedia. And second, is to use these categories to make report cards for each of the language wikis. Both objectives have significant challenges and unknowns.

We'll start by using the Vital Articles list Vital articles are lists of subjects for which the English Wikipedia should have corresponding featured-class articles. on English Wikipedia. This list has five levels starting from just 10 articles going up to 50,000. We'll use this list as the basis of the first report cards. The lists themselves will need to be analyzed for equity and biases.

After studying the Vital Articles list we'll find their corresponding Wikidata items, particularly the instance of property. The instance of property describes, "that class of which this subject is a particular example and member" This might give us an overview of the kinds of articles in the Vital list and not just the articles themselves. We'll then use these categories to make analyze the language wikis.

The categories structure for each wiki might be significantly different from one another because of linguisting, cultural, and historical reasons. We'll have to devise methods to gain insight into these differences. The reports cards would have to consider these differences too, and the comparisons made across wikis should keep these considerations in mind.

Vital 10


Coverage of Vital 10

Language Report


Queries & Code Snippets

All Wikipedias

SELECT ?item ?itemLabel ?langLabel ?code WHERE {
  ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q10876391.
  optional{?item wdt:P407 ?lang}.
  optional {?lang wdt:P305 ?code }
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
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All Languages of an Article

A modified version of this query.
  ?article schema:about wd:Q2 ;
              schema:inLanguage ?lang ;
              schema:name ?name ;
              schema:isPartOf [ wikibase:wikiGroup "wikipedia" ] .
 FILTER (!CONTAINS(?name, ':')) .
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